*Under My Favorite Tree

Simple things are extraordinary. After attending a class and some school stuff last Saturday, eating avocado-mango Sorbetes and Taho under my favorite tree at the Sunken garden as the sunset preludes was more than a weekend spa!  It was therapeutic to see people not in a rush, chasing time. Time decelerated as we began to silent our souls from the noise of life’s complexities. Joy became just plain and simple and I was sure it was genuine in all the smiles I saw as we did things for love.  It wasn’t just mere amusement. It was music to hear hearty laughter and there was serenity in all the happy faces I saw. And to me, it was a great taste of life as I savor the sweets I had and that silence that made me listen more to my own heartbeat. Indeed, there’s a unique pleasure in seeing people happy.  Sometimes, in a busy walk, we need to pause and breathe the fragrance of life in the flowers we overlook!:-)

(July 2011)

Fvorite tree @UP Sunken Garden


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