Embedded in That Soldier’s Heart

Embedded in that soldier’s heart
Is the virtue of indomitable might
The never fading conviction of triumph for his land of the morning
The invisible tears of nostalgia for a homecoming
The hindered exclaims of his comrades and predecessors
Not for vengeance but for peace after a century old struggle
The hopeful thin breath midst looming despair
The beating of a noble music of sacrifice
The silhouette of an imminent dignified death
The nerves oblivious to excruciating pain
The love of a true son for his Mother
The blood of a genuine warrior of dreams that can only be..
Embedded in that soldier’s heart

(Written for my brother in 2007 for a literary folio.  In my thoughts, too, are men and women of courage in the Armed Forces and everyone with brave hearts. You all are heroes.)

photo: http://www.army.mil/article/78562/Leaving_the_battlefield__Soldier_shares_story_of_PTSD/

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