in two faces

they come


the said

the unsaid

In the dead

of the night

the latter—


behind bars




kept in

the dungeon

of silence

for a judgment

that no one

can query


the ink blots

in the empty sheets

as they

come alive


to plead

to mend

to break

to forgive

to heal

Photo: Painting by Artist Sarit Jacobsohn’s @ buy-acrylic-paintings-art.com “Breaking the Silence”

(Written in 2007)


Author: Viviene Retumban

Viviene writes to immortalize her thoughts. In her twenties, she realized that solitude and quietness are two simple beautiful things. She hears more from herself when she stops talking and begins writing. She turns into an old grateful soul when she sips a cup of coffee or tea, sniffs (and reads) lovely books, watches the sunset, listens to the guitar, stays close to nature and writes her dreams in the night sky. Her heart for dreams and gratefulness is like a cup that runs over. There is an exquisite sparkle in her beauty when when she 'dances upon the water' with Jesus, her Savior. And then, she laughs without the fear of the future. Come, sit with her!

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