Sa Bawat Pagtingala/ As She Looks Up

Sa bawat pagtingala

sa buwan at mga tala

naghahabi ng wika,

awit at tula

ang puso ng makatangnagkukulang sa salita

Buntong hininga.

Sasambit na lamang ang kanyang dila,

“Isang himala”

English Translation: As She Looks Up

As she looks up each time

to the moon and the stars

she weaves a language,

a song or a poetry

this heart of a poet

who runs out of words


And all that her tongue could utter,

“A miracle”


Author: Viviene Retumban

Viviene writes to immortalize her thoughts. In her twenties, she realized that solitude and quietness are two simple beautiful things. She hears more from herself when she stops talking and begins writing. She turns into an old grateful soul when she sips a cup of coffee or tea, sniffs (and reads) lovely books, watches the sunset, listens to the guitar, stays close to nature and writes her dreams in the night sky. Her heart for dreams and gratefulness is like a cup that runs over. There is an exquisite sparkle in her beauty when when she 'dances upon the water' with Jesus, her Savior. And then, she laughs without the fear of the future. Come, sit with her!

20 thoughts on “Sa Bawat Pagtingala/ As She Looks Up”

    1. Wow! I also thought of putting a melody to it while writing. But I don’t know how to play:-) Feel free to sing it and let me know how it goes:)

      Thank you so much for those words! I’m glad you liked it! :))


      1. The best of the Philippines are indeed out of the capital. But each of those places may be islands away. I’m sorry I can only be in Manila or maybe outskirts. But I can recommend good places to see in other regions. When do u plan to visit?

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    1. There’s just a loot. Top destinations: Palawan (underground river (one of wolrd’s wonders) and fabulous beaches), Boracay, Sagada/Banaue (Rice Terraces, hanging coffins, caves, mountains, tribes. Very interesting culture), Bicol (Mayon Volcano, Caramoan Islands, Swimming with whale sharks), Bohol (Chocolate Hills). These links might help you:
      Sorry, late reply. But hope that helps šŸ™‚

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