This blog site is about my musings as a twenty-something adventurer who believes that writing is one attempt to immortalize thoughts. If not, an empty sheet can just be a lovely tomb to bury and ‘resurrect’ the voice of the wise. In this blog, I share my humble attempts to poetry, prose and art about the million faces of life before my eyes.  I’m a lover of meaningful words and beauty.

Life as I age becomes more substantial as my heart gives birth to more dreams, finds rest in prayers and  discovers more purpose in the Greatest Love the world has ever known.  I’m a teacher and a graduate student. I’m amazed by the timeless and never fading beauty of the sun, the moon and the stars. I love God but God loves me more.

Welcome!  Thank you for visiting 😀  Follow me along as we share our dreams, prayers and love!


the tiny girl who dreams big

Viviene Mae Retumban, Philippines

 For questions, suggestions, concerns, future projects or if you just simply want to be connected, feel free to leave a comment! I can also be reached via e-mail: vivienemaer@gmail.com.  Say hello and post the link to your website!  I would love to hear from you!  Thank you!


I am mountain, I am dust
Constellations made of us
There’s glory in the dirt
The universe within the sand
Eternity within a man

We are ocean, we are mist
Brilliant fools who ruled and kiss
There’s beauty in the dirt
Wandering in skin and soul
Searching, longing for a whole

I am mountain, I am dust
Constellations made of us
There’s mystery in the dirt
The metaphors are breaking down
We taste the wind inside a sound

Momentary carbon stories
From the ashes, filled with Holy Ghost
Life is here now, breathe it all in
Let it all go, you are earth and wind

                                           —I am Mountain (excerpts), Gungor

38 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello and many thanks for finding the time and energy to drop in to my beeseeker blog – I am “meeting” some true explorers in this strange ether world – glad you found something you could like.

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  2. Hey! Thanks for dropping by my blog a few days ago! Nice to see fellow Filipino Bloggers out there! I really laud you for pursuing a career as a teacher! Our country definitely needs more zealous and passionate teachers to inspire the youth to learn as much as they can and make the most out of our lives!

    Your poems are also really creative and inspiring! Keep writing and definitely looking forward to your future posts! 😀


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    1. Hello, Doitchoco!Thanks! Sorry for the late reply. Anyway, I am happy to see you here, too! It’s great to know that young as you are you take time to reflect and write. Thank you for that appreciation you have for teachers. In your posts, I could see that you have a very positive attitude and you value learning a lot. Keep it up! In the same way, students, especially like you, inspire teachers too. I’m glad that you like my works! Keep writing too!

      God bless you.
      Viviene 🙂


  3. Hi, I love your entry here… thank you for following my poetry blog. This to inform you is a bilingual blog, so if you get a notice about an Italian poems, use your patience 😉 an English one will soon follow. I’m doing my best to keep things balanced 🙂

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    1. Hi, Emy! Thank you for following too! I support your advocacy because I am an animal lover myself too! We have adorable dogs and used to take care of lovely parrots. I love bird watching too! Animals’ lives amaze me. I feel your thoughts in your posts because I have watched some horrible videos in China on how dogs and cats are brutally skinned and killed for fur production. I could not even stand watching the whole of it.That moment, I thought, at times, humans are “lower” than animals. But It’s never too late to do something about it, so I’m sure that you are doing this planet a favor by sharing your advocacy! It’s a good way to make a difference! Great job! 🙂

      Cheers, Viviene


  4. “an empty sheet can just be a lovely tomb to bury and ‘resurrect’ the voice of the wise”

    I love this. We can be friends. Never ask me about the gold. Ever. For any reason.


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      1. Everyone needs a leprechaun friend. 😉

        Your writing is gorgeous, by the way. Romantic, curious and beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


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      2. Those are the best adjectives a ‘Thursday’ could greet my Sunday (morning)! Thank you so much, John! 🙂 It’s an honor and a pleasure to share to readers like you (esp. (clears throat) to a leprechaun Tehee) !

        Shalom to you,


    1. Hello there! First, congratulations! You deserve it! 🙂 Thanks a lot for your nomination! I gladly and humbly receive it 🙂 I’ll surely respond to that once I’m free 🙂 Keep on writing!
      Cheers, Viviene 🙂

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