“The Day We Never Met”

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The cups of grande and stolen glances

The mental questions and conversations

What is thy name?

The aroma of surprise and the sensible jazz

Is this the last?

The smile and the looks

We want to give away

What do we say?

The silent wishes to cross ways

Delighted– the mystery and charm

This language that only we understand

In this episode about how we never met

(April 2013
Phil Plans Total Corp.
Bldg. Bonifacio Global City )

(Lady drawing inspired by one I’ve seen in a Papemelorotti bag :))


Doodles, Love, Music, Poetry, Uncategorized

As hope listens to this musical rendition
a minute transcends to a momentary illusion
to see where you are and wonder
whether these hymns are sung meaninglessly
by this heart that has never known
the encounter of two souls falling
for an awakening dream
But I trust in the Hour that will make me sing these
when your countenance is imagined
by a countless remembrance and a sweet narration
of a prose untold not in my fanciful soliloquy
but in an inescapable reality

I have built you in my philosophical dreams with queries
of whether you are in an existential, real
or some far ideal reality that time has drawn
But even if clock would age eternity, I would wait
for that moment when we’d walk into the threshold
of each other’s stories and anthem

Walk each mile closer to mine
And listen because I am still asking
Yes, I am
I will never be tired of asking

where you are.

(Feb 2011 ; Nov 2012)

walking and talking web quality

Painting by Mike Carr a.k.a China Mike @http://schiffphotography.blogspot.com