Almost Qarah

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She turned her head to her right

She caught your eyes in sight

You smiled to her delight

One, two, three, four, five

She’s locked in gaze alive

Swiftly hypnotic,

Beautifully chaotic

Five-ish, afternoon before sunset

You met but never met

Graveyard of the brave hearts

An unknown story departs

A pair of wheels

A pair of strangers

Gaze exchangers

 bike poem1

She Bleeds, She Queries

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Is it the wound of her soul

that grieves,

for the universe has swallowed

her courage to gamble

what might have been?


Is it the wound of her soul

that paints

the shades of fear 

of suffering

from surrendering?


Again, she queries,

“Which pain is greater?” 


(September ___, 2014)

Painting credit: Broken Heart by Patricia St. Clair

(September __, 2014)


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now, the sky is bluer than blue

now,  the grass is greener than green

now, twilight is brighter than bright

now,  the  night is closer than the day

but still my heart gropes for words

now, to you I have to say


The Sea, the Sun and Your Son

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I see Your face

          in the morning

                 and the setting sun


I hear Your peace

                 in the quiet evening

              by waters that run


I feel Your embrace

               in the days coming

                            with Your Love, never gone

summer 2



summer 6



summer 7


summer 1

DSC04839 DSC04840


summer 4 summer 5

summer 10

summer 11 summer9


Photos taken at a friend’s private resort,

Burias Breeze Resort, Maramba, Oas, Albay, 2010


when brokenness becomes tangible

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the throat


as the voice
begins to shiver
like the water
of a leaked dam
its force
is mightier
than anything
could ever flow
will this ever cease?

like a wind
of a hurricane
a nature’s
any mortal’s
blows it
harder to outpour

the flux
of tangible
are released
from the
of her soul
the stories
of our faces
it consoles
the memory
of the
bleeding heart

never been
this painful


Voor De Dag Van Morgen

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If I die tomorrow,
say then to the trees
how much I loved you
Say it to the wind
that climbs up to the tree
or out of the branches falls,
how much I loved you.
Say it to the child
that is young enough to understand
Say it to the animal,
perhaps just by looking at it.
Say it to the houses of stone,
say it to the city,
how dear you were to me.

But don’t tell a single person,
they wouldn’t believe it.
They wouldn’t want to believe that
just a man
just a woman,
that a person a person
could love as much as I loved you.

Hans Andreus (1926-1977)

By the Sea, I Sat Down and Wept

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In my periphery is an imperceptible horizon.

The breeze caresses my face. Then, silence embraces me in a piercing darkness. A feeling of uncertainty annihilates. A rendezvous of my spirit and soul begins.

Sometimes, no matter how you deceive yourself that you feel complete, because you must, you would still always end up with a seeking heart. An indeterminate nostalgia. Your world never knows if it’s a hole you left to patch up from past or a blank you left to fill in at present. It becomes an iota that obscures to connect a trace to the future.

It’s hard to mask.

It’s like the music in anonym that remains hummed because none in the universe claims to understand your song. The truth is, the truth is just within your reach. Your denial holds you back. You withhold to accept that it is. It’s a sudden struck of numbness of causes and reasons.

I am drowned in this ocean of confusion. My soul is like a fire that struggles to breathe with the strong wind. I have seen everything that means most to me, yet a piece of my heart sees my soul as a jailbird in a gold cage. To find liberty, I wish to know. The adversary is unseen, because the enemy is the one who beholds. It’s odd, but it’s odd. The most arduous challenge you beat to conquer is none other than yourself. You are the battleground. Your mind is the opponent. Your heart is the warrior.

Dusk ends.

Light and darkness entwines. Night takes over. But still my heart is not as serene as the marriage of the ocean and the wind. Abba, let me glimpse Your heaven that I may hear you speak.

The sky paved way for the influx of its countless tears. A heavy downpour sings along with my crying for bitterness and defeat.

I have gone to some infinite abyss just to discern its chasm only to realize that the broken pieces have been clamoring for my attention upon the doorstep. I have fallen in a trap.

Love is a quagmire of paradox. Worse, I have no more to fight for. The war was over.

By the sea, I sat down. I wept.


*Written for The Signature, a literary folio published in 2006.
*A prose I wrote out of my imaginary self inspired after reading Paulo Coelho’s
By the River Piedra, I Sat Down and Wept”)
Photo credit:

To a Memory of a Summer’s Ray

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She walked past the shadowy glasses

Reflecting the the eyes of the cloudless sky

She waited for a face that would bring her back

To a memory of a summer’s ray

To a look she met from hundreds of days

He probably must have already written on the air

That look perhaps, or surely

She doesn’t really know

She looked down to her  feet asking where to go

The familiar aroma greeted her instead

That fragrance that brings hundreds of reminiscence

That which whispers her to invite a pen, a paper and a wandering mind

To talk over cups and cups wandering thoughts

Chamomile tea sounds  appropriate for the moment

She closed her eyes as she sipped

The taste of nature right in her senses

Her eyes open with a wish to see a sign of him

The office workers chatting with fellows and some pages

She sits back

And begins to see him

in a poem.


“The Day We Never Met”

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The cups of grande and stolen glances

The mental questions and conversations

What is thy name?

The aroma of surprise and the sensible jazz

Is this the last?

The smile and the looks

We want to give away

What do we say?

The silent wishes to cross ways

Delighted– the mystery and charm

This language that only we understand

In this episode about how we never met

(April 2013
Phil Plans Total Corp.
Bldg. Bonifacio Global City )

(Lady drawing inspired by one I’ve seen in a Papemelorotti bag :))

I Rise as You Are Risen

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Life is never the same again

When I found You

How can I ever fathom Your Love for me

When at my worst You gave Your very best

That day when Heaven became silent

You did it just so You can hear me loud today

No other event can surpass the greatness

Of this beautiful exchange

Your Son, sinless and blameless

Became sin so I can be made righteous

He was crowned with the worst thorns

Just so I can have the Best Crown

He thought of me when He died

He thought of me when He was risen

Oh, what a beautiful Love to rest in!

Unconditional, unfailing and unending

Nothing can come between us

Your love for me is greater than anything

It never runs out

Because He won, I will forever win

Because He loves, I can forever love

Because there is Hope in His resurrection,

I can have Hope

Not in what I do

But in who You are and what You have done

Because of that,

I can walk in health and wholeness

Because He is and has everything, I can have everything

I may see darkness

But I look to Your Light

I may have stumbled

But I will continue to run

Worst things may come

But they will never matter

For I know I have the Best

Your love is greater than

my circumstances

I look to You alone

Who made everything good available for me

When You said “It is finished.”

I rise as You are risen

Death has no power since You have conquered death

Everything finds purpose in You

How can I not be moved by this Love

When it is the most powerful thing

the world has ever known?

My heart will sing to you

Make us fall in love with You

More and more

Love is all the You are

Thank You for redeeming me

That cost Jesus’ blood

Lover of my soul, You truly are

I will triumph as You have triumphed!

I will rise as You are risen!

All Glory is Yours!


Photo2: I am not sure where I’ve found this image saved in my computer. Coudn’t google it anymore. But I am sure this one’s from Hillsong. Similar photos:

 photo 1:

Poem: My sermon reflection from the preaching at our church @

inspired by Jesus 🙂

That Longest Moment

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I do not know

If the second prolongs

Or if time abruptly

Stops —-

That longest
When our eyes suddenly meet

Anticipation and surprise entangle

In that subtle smile

That longest discourse in quietness

Enough to comprehend

The unspoken

Like the conversation of my heart

To the sun, the moon and the stars

On a hopeful night

As it vividly paints in my memory

To capture my delight

To liberate my fright

When two souls nod to fall

A second

Becomes forever

In that fastest moment to fantasy

And the slowest second to reality

Daily Painting, Puppy Love, contemporary painting of couple with a dog -- Carolee Clark

Painting by artist Carolee Clark                         Source:



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As hope listens to this musical rendition
a minute transcends to a momentary illusion
to see where you are and wonder
whether these hymns are sung meaninglessly
by this heart that has never known
the encounter of two souls falling
for an awakening dream
But I trust in the Hour that will make me sing these
when your countenance is imagined
by a countless remembrance and a sweet narration
of a prose untold not in my fanciful soliloquy
but in an inescapable reality

I have built you in my philosophical dreams with queries
of whether you are in an existential, real
or some far ideal reality that time has drawn
But even if clock would age eternity, I would wait
for that moment when we’d walk into the threshold
of each other’s stories and anthem

Walk each mile closer to mine
And listen because I am still asking
Yes, I am
I will never be tired of asking

where you are.

(Feb 2011 ; Nov 2012)

walking and talking web quality

Painting by Mike Carr a.k.a China Mike @