Those little nimble musicians of the air, that warble forth their curious ditties, with which nature hath furnished them to the shame of art. ~Izaak Walton





The Joy in Looking Up


Looking up the sky

is such a therapeutic momentary



the time

and see the extraordinary

beauty in simple things.


the air that fills up your soul.


to the eyes that behold from above.

And my mind never fails to capture

freedom .

* These are just random things and views I saw up there. Made me smile 🙂

While waiting for a ieepney near Yakal Dormitory, UP DIliman
While waiting for a ieepney near Yakal Dormitory, UP DIliman (The Carillon)
Sunken Garden, University of the Philippines Diliman
@Sunken Garden, UP Diliman
branches 5
Yep. One of my favorite trees at the Sunken.
I guess the church’s name is Manila Cathedral @ Intramuros
view from _th Floor of St. Luke’s Medical Center, Global City
Early morning @ Burias Breeze Resort, Albay
Full moon@ UP Fair ,UP Diliman
Sunset @ UP Diliman
Sun is love!
@ UP Diliman
Sunset View_Sunken Garden @ UP Diliman
Mr. Moon @ UP Fair


Waiting for a jeepney sometimes could take a bit long. So to ease the boredom, God surprised me with this great fireworks display!!:)
Feels like in another place. @The Beach House, UP Diliman
Discover great ways to appease your boredom while waiting for a ride:) I love to look up the sky to predict the weather. Most of the time, to say a breath prayer. The clouds smile back!
morning jog at the park! 🙂 @Makati Park
sky4 without a border
I love to look up the sky to name the type of clouds (recalling the science lessons in grade school is fun) This made me smile while walking to my apartment. ‘Sea’ up the sky!:)
sky buil
Random walk. I think this must be around St. Luke’s Hospital, Global City
street lamp2
One afternoon power walk @ Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. SUnsets and lovely street lamps make my heart beat! 🙂
sky tree
Can’t get enough of clear blue sky!
street lamp45
and yes, street lamp!:)
And yes, yes, yes, sunset again! @UP Diliman. Again, while waiting for MRT jeepney!! 🙂
Guess that’s because the sun may age a million years but its beauty appears to be always new! 🙂 Afternoon contemplation at Starbucks, BGC (Total Corp. Center BGC). I have a collection of shots of sunsets on that spot every time I go there! ❤
street lamps 4
Fascination for street lamps! The Sky is awesome! Early morning walk @ Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
under the tree
Afternoon meditation under my favorite tree while waiting for my class to start. @Sunken Garden, UP Diliman
 While at Ipil Dormitory hut
While at Ipil Dormitory hut
I love the chandelier @ the MEn's dressing room @Market! Market! The fort! Well, that was when my brothers went shopping and they valued my taste for fashion! LOL
Fascination for things artsy chandelier!
Climbing up the hill:)@Lignon Hill Nature PArk
@Lignon Hill Nature PArk



The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.

-Psalm 19:1

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