She Remembers

Is he a million footsteps away,
or just a face she crossed today?
She remembers a smile,
a voice for a while,
from hours and a mile.

That Longest Moment

I do not know

If the second prolongs

Or if time abruptly

Stops —-

That longest
When our eyes suddenly meet

Anticipation and surprise entangle

In that subtle smile

That longest discourse in quietness

Enough to comprehend

The unspoken

Like the conversation of my heart

To the sun, the moon and the stars

On a hopeful night

As it vividly paints in my memory

To capture my delight

To liberate my fright

When two souls nod to fall

A second

Becomes forever

In that fastest moment to fantasy

And the slowest second to reality

Daily Painting, Puppy Love, contemporary painting of couple with a dog -- Carolee Clark
Painting by artist Carolee Clark                         Source:


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