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now, the sky is bluer than blue

now,  the grass is greener than green

now, twilight is brighter than bright

now,  the  night is closer than the day

but still my heart gropes for words

now, to you I have to say


Blood Moon

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one in a million countenance

for even just a glance

let this gazer behold

the bloody light foretold

then i shall find peace

in your Maker’s glory

and indescribable bliss

underneath the starless roof

where i see your abode’s  loft

a wordless whisper, I exhale

from my heart to yours, a lover’s tale

so hold back the tears of heaven

let not the cherubs cry

that i may see you up the sky

or the uncountable days I shall number

and wait,

to wait a hundred slumber


(c) Pastor Rick Warren’s photo on his Facebook and he quoted a Bible verse: One day, “The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and glorious day of the Lord. Acts 2:20













This Empty Garden Seat

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The shadow sits with no one

But the soul of

This empty garden seat

To capture a pause the world can not give

To drop a tear the world can not see

To whisper the stories of his lonesome heart

To no one but this quiet garden seat

The greens and the blues closely overhear

The shadow stands up

Leaving a countless memories

The world may not remember

But this  garden seat forgets never

The shadow leaves the fragrance of his memories

Wafting through the nonchalant  air