The Sea, the Sun and Your Son

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I see Your face

          in the morning

                 and the setting sun


I hear Your peace

                 in the quiet evening

              by waters that run


I feel Your embrace

               in the days coming

                            with Your Love, never gone

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summer 7


summer 1

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Photos taken at a friend’s private resort,

Burias Breeze Resort, Maramba, Oas, Albay, 2010



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From Nick Vujicic's Facebook Page

From Nick Vujicic’s Facebook Page

The picture above is a throwback photo of  Nick Vujicic posted on his Facebook page with the caption “Throwbackkkk! that’s just how I rolled  #tbt #skatebording #wheniwasyoung” .

The photo gave me the definition and illustration of these words:  Limitless. Unstoppable. Grace. Pure Joy. He is such a picture of inspiration. A thought ran in my heart. The world will tell you that you can’t. But it’s your choice whether to listen to the world or to the Word. He chose the latter.

Which voice do you listen to? Is it the voice of your impossibilities, lack, inability and fear? Or is it the voice of possibilities, blessings, courage, faith and ability? Regardless of what position we have in this life, God has endowed every individual with the ability to do great things. God has wonderful things in store for you and me. He has called us higher. He has called us deeper.

How do we define life? Is it a struggle or a discovery? Do you see your situations as mere stumbling blocks or building blocks? Do you focus on the storm while crossing on the other side of the sea? Or do you focus on the presence of Jesus in your boat. To me, it is such an exciting journey of discovery of the great plan than He has for me. As a twenty something, I am grateful that life has taught me to “walk on water” as I focus on the Infinite Love of God. When the world shouts that I can’t, a good question is “How big is your God?”.

I see #Phil413. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”


Why Do I Pray?

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Because I believe, I  receive

Because I received, I believe

Because I expect, He perfects

Because I am His, life’s a bliss

Because he has it all, my all is his

Why do I pray?

Because he tells me to ask and say

Because not a second I am forgotten.

Because not a blink he fails to listen

Because my every breath shall thank

Because He is whatever I need to fill this ________.

Why ?

”Tetelestai” *


pray (1)


Note: *Tetelestai: Literally translated the word tetelestai means, “It is finished.” The word occurs in John 19:28 and 19:30

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I Rise as You Are Risen

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Life is never the same again

When I found You

How can I ever fathom Your Love for me

When at my worst You gave Your very best

That day when Heaven became silent

You did it just so You can hear me loud today

No other event can surpass the greatness

Of this beautiful exchange

Your Son, sinless and blameless

Became sin so I can be made righteous

He was crowned with the worst thorns

Just so I can have the Best Crown

He thought of me when He died

He thought of me when He was risen

Oh, what a beautiful Love to rest in!

Unconditional, unfailing and unending

Nothing can come between us

Your love for me is greater than anything

It never runs out

Because He won, I will forever win

Because He loves, I can forever love

Because there is Hope in His resurrection,

I can have Hope

Not in what I do

But in who You are and what You have done

Because of that,

I can walk in health and wholeness

Because He is and has everything, I can have everything

I may see darkness

But I look to Your Light

I may have stumbled

But I will continue to run

Worst things may come

But they will never matter

For I know I have the Best

Your love is greater than

my circumstances

I look to You alone

Who made everything good available for me

When You said “It is finished.”

I rise as You are risen

Death has no power since You have conquered death

Everything finds purpose in You

How can I not be moved by this Love

When it is the most powerful thing

the world has ever known?

My heart will sing to you

Make us fall in love with You

More and more

Love is all the You are

Thank You for redeeming me

That cost Jesus’ blood

Lover of my soul, You truly are

I will triumph as You have triumphed!

I will rise as You are risen!

All Glory is Yours!


Photo2: I am not sure where I’ve found this image saved in my computer. Coudn’t google it anymore. But I am sure this one’s from Hillsong. Similar photos:

 photo 1:

Poem: My sermon reflection from the preaching at our church @

inspired by Jesus 🙂