This Empty Garden Seat

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The shadow sits with no one

But the soul of

This empty garden seat

To capture a pause the world can not give

To drop a tear the world can not see

To whisper the stories of his lonesome heart

To no one but this quiet garden seat

The greens and the blues closely overhear

The shadow stands up

Leaving a countless memories

The world may not remember

But this  garden seat forgets never

The shadow leaves the fragrance of his memories

Wafting through the nonchalant  air


Even in Goodbyes

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bus good

Laid on this road I’m on are scribbles of my thoughts unsaid

A chemistry of sudden feelings I wanna draw

On this melancholic misty glass window

My heart is  nostalgic as this starless nocturnal sky.

As people swiftly walk by 

Are they just merely passersby?

How do you ever learn to forget

those faces,

those happy voices

 of greetings and good byes?

How do you ever learn to dodge the thoughts

of rushes,

of crushes 

…and brushes of intermingling connections,

 eternal relationships

How do you ever learn the truth that these moments are gone

and perhaps the eyes shall never again witness?

How do you ever teach your soul 

to feel the same way when never it will?

The faces…the smiles I wanna see again,

the laughter

…the echoes

I wanna hear once more.

They are not the falling leaves of the autumn

Sweet thoughts never wilt

The trees, they are

that Summer gives birth

to its leaves that grow anew.

For in absence I know 

The vividness of the picturesque,

the colors will come aloud

as the music of forever we will breathe

these reminiscence we share

 these episodes we’ll remember

For memories are man’s priceless possession

Nothing shall fade its worth


…even in 


 (Trip to Bicol from Manila, May 2010)