Sa Bawat Pagtingala/ As She Looks Up


Sa bawat pagtingala

sa buwan at mga tala

naghahabi ng wika,

awit at tula

ang puso ng makatangnagkukulang sa salita

Buntong hininga.

Sasambit na lamang ang kanyang dila,

“Isang himala”

English Translation: As She Looks Up

As she looks up each time

to the moon and the stars

she weaves a language,

a song or a poetry

this heart of a poet

who runs out of words


And all that her tongue could utter,

“A miracle”

Blood Moon

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one in a million countenance

for even just a glance

let this gazer behold

the bloody light foretold

then i shall find peace

in your Maker’s glory

and indescribable bliss

underneath the starless roof

where i see your abode’s  loft

a wordless whisper, I exhale

from my heart to yours, a lover’s tale

so hold back the tears of heaven

let not the cherubs cry

that i may see you up the sky

or the uncountable days I shall number

and wait,

to wait a hundred slumber


(c) Pastor Rick Warren’s photo on his Facebook and he quoted a Bible verse: One day, “The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and glorious day of the Lord. Acts 2:20