Mr. Sun

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Hello to you, you’re the king up once more

Before a rain comes along, dry the land as you did before

So I could smell again the fragrance  of the petrichor

That scent  the earth breathes out

Along a rainbow in the South

The earth could miss you no more

The longing clothespins by the thousand olden door

Please don’t go  away

The playground’s swing in frown will sway


When clouds shrouded you

And cried a river or two

The face of the sky was gloomy and blue

But now the wind shares a happier blow

As your smile begins to beam through my window

And it feels like the sweet kisses of summer

The vast green and the bright flora remember to glimmer

The scent of the newly cut grass that my friend once knew

The hymns of their tweets that flew

The heart beats the song of freedom

The feet dance to  serenity’s rhythm


My soul begins to sing, play and run

Hello, I miss you, Mr. Sun!






August 24, 2013, 2:35 PM

Under my favorite tree, Sunken Garden

(Post typhoon Maring Reflections :))

We Never Stop to Write

Life Lessons and Impressions

Photo taken at Burias Breeze Resort, Albay, Philippines, Summer 2010

We may have been over accustomed of how life looks like through the years, yet like the sun that we see in its rebirth, its meaning would seem to appear like always new.We still wonder.How old is its “age of innocence”? when we start to grab a quill and mirror its definition transcendentally reflected in a tabula rasa?

We never stop to write.

As long as one has breath, as long as the blood is alive as the crimson; as long as one heart beats the rhythm of the soul, one will never run out of ink.

Everything is written. Everything would make sense.

(VMRetumban, March 2008)