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now, the sky is bluer than blue

now,  the grass is greener than green

now, twilight is brighter than bright

now,  the  night is closer than the day

but still my heart gropes for words

now, to you I have to say


Over Nth Cups of Coffee

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Over nth cups of coffee
The countless, swift rotations

Of the clock
The minutes
The seconds

I have wished to conspire for my favor

The patient, “intelligent pen”

The inevitable visual marks of sacrifice
The war between my drowsy eyes
and my fighting heart

When will I see you go and done
And finally lay in the hands of a judge
The thoughts I have ignored
The walks I have procrastinated
The rest I have deprived myself of
I should not give in
How many more daydreams of a playful summer,
a restful slumber,
a debt-free tomorrow
to liberate from this little sorrow?

How many more?

A little more
In just a very little while

The countenance
of the desperation
Patiently changes

But I behold

ok to