My Bucket List

Here are some things I’d like to happen before I die. (In random order)


1. Write a book books. Have them published.

2. Learn pro photography.

3. Learn to  better my painting.

4. Have an art exhibit for a cause. I’d like the proceeds go to a generosity project to fund schooling of  needy children.

5. Travel more. I’d like to have conversations with the locals and gather their stories. Probably create a travel documentary.

a. Around the Philippines b. Abroad: Israel, Europe especially France, Spain and Italy,  Asia, Canada, Africa

6. Learn swimming.

7. Learn a form of martial arts.

8. Learn to play the guitar.

9. Learn to play the violin.

10. Sing and play an instrument for a crowd.

11. Read and finish a looooooooooooooot of great books.

12. Create a masterpiece dish, dessert , pastries and drinks!

13. Speak another language. Hebrew/French/Spanish

14. Get married with God’s best for me.

16. Be the best mom to lovely children<3

17. Plant trees.

18. Have a tree house. (apart from my dream house, of course)

19. Have and drive my own car.

20.  Run a literacy project  for children. I’d also like to reach out young children in my village back in my hometown by teaching the non-readers to read, spread the love of reading among kids and encourage them to get a BIG dream for themselves. Tell them how they are greatly loved by God!

(Yey! I’ve made a humble start this year! Taking some baby steps through a book drive for the children of Tacloban and Samar. These places were hit by the biggest typhoon of the year, Yolanda (Haian). Have been soliciting books from friends and planning to send them this December as a Christmas gift:) It is still on-going so if you want to share children’s books (pre-loved or new), let me know! 🙂 )

21. Take my parents to beautiful trips local and abroad.

22. Build a home cafe with art gallery and library. Starbucks at my very abode! Jazz and acoustic in the background!

23. Meet Paulo Coelho. 

24. Watch John Mayer, Jazon Mraz, Kina Grannis concerts. Get  meet and greet tickets!

25. Gain weight. Get a better and healthier body. My body type is ectomorph so nothing much really happens no matter how I eat a lot.

28. Write more poems.

29. Write more songs and be able to sing them with an instrument. I’ve got some songs made out of random moments but all I have are words and melody. I wish someone would put “real” music into it like guitar chords or stuff.

photo:God Size Dream Inspired on Pinterest

30.Share Jesus’s message of pure Love. NOT religion.

31. Create more crafts!

32. Get into a business! I’ve always wanna put up my own business. Perhaps, provide livelihood too for my community back in my hometown.

33. Teach in the ____________ ! 🙂 It’s between me and God first! 🙂

34. Ride a helicopter!

35. Master the art of firing a gun.

36. Inspire others.

37. Snorkel. 

-Done and I want to do it more!

38. Get to know more and more of Jesus. Get more in love with the Lord and experience more of His love, favor and Grace!

39. Swim with whales sharks.

-I did! Swimming with whale sharks in Donsol, Sorsogon was really amazing. I want to go ot Oslob, Cebu for this again!

40. Finish my master’s and wear sablay soon! (I claim it in Jesus’ name! 🙂

To be continued 😀

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